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Damien Quinn - "Eyez Without A Face" The Mixxtape (vol. 1)

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Lyrikal Snuff Productionz presents...The Internet Version of Damien Quinn's ”Eyez Without A Face” The Mixxtape (vol. 1)!!

This Mixxtape was mixed and mastered by Syniister of Urban Myth Records!!

Track Listing:
01. Pingere Nigrum aka Paint It Black
02. HeadTrip
03. Focus ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt
04. I Hear Death ft. Tell P.
05. Rots Away (Fuck A Rapper) ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt and Tell P.
06. A Day In My Life
07. Hockey Mask Rap ft. Scum, Claas and Bukshot
08. Red Dots ft. Dieabolik The Monster, Dope Fiend and Statik G
09. Don't Forget The Rules ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt and New Jerzey Devil
10. Walter Ellis ft. Razakel
11. Suicide Letter
12. Outro